Hello Everyone. My name is Taddy Mason. You might remember me from my extensive television advertising campaign asking if you’re bored, lonely, or just looking for a friend.

As you may or may not know, my phone-a-friend business for $1.99 a minute recently hit some rough times when I lost my best customer. There are no guarantees of success in life even for great pals like me. Earlier this year I launched the SaveTaddy website asking for help, and the outpouring of support has been absolutely touching.

After some restructuring of both my personal and business finances, as well as the cash and gifts from one very generous benefactor in exchange for some tastefully done intimate photos, Taddy Mason LLC is no longer insolvent.

I’d like to share with you my newest venture from Taddy Masson LLC; a social network aptly named TaddyBook. I hope you enjoy making connections on the site as much as I have reveled in building it.


With gratitude,