Who is Taddy Mason?

Taddy Mason is an entrepreneur who used to own his own phone-a-friend type service charging $1.99 a minute. He is now the owner and administrator of this social network.

Why do you post common knowledge things about the show?

We all learn things at different times my friend. What you may have known for years might be brand new information for other fans both new and old alike. I’m sharing it here so those who don’t know might stumble upon a new nugget of show info and enjoy it the same way we did when we first found it.

What is TaddyBook?

TaddyBook is an interdimensional social network used by the characters and fans of the Rick and Morty adult cartoon.

Why are there characters missing?

Which ones? I’m definitely missing plenty of them, but for many different reasons. Some are characters only mentioned or heard speaking but never seen on screen. Some are on screen only, but don’t speak and are unnamed. Others I could have simply missed.

You can help by posting in the forums, commenting on a relevant post, or mentioning @taddy in a message. I also have a dedicated Help Taddy page where I solicit help for unanswered questions about certain characters.

Why is there only one profile for Meeseeks, Unity, Varrix, etc.?

When there’s a bunch of similar unnamed characters, I figured it would be too much work to create numbered users for all of them, so in those situations their one profile can speak for the group.

Why haven’t my favorite characters accepted my friendship requests?

Because, you know, they’re not real and there’s maybe one or two people managing hundreds of character accounts. Please be patient. We’ll all be friends in no time.


What is the point of the Quips, Quotes, & Sayings profile field?

This field is more for the character accounts and what saying(s) they are most known for, but you are welcome to add something there as well.

This field is also a good indication of a spam registration if it’s filled in, but don’t worry, we don’t use that fact alone to verify account authenticity.

Why was my account deleted?

If the content you were posting violated any part of our terms of service, or if you’re a community pariah and/or acting like an asshat, I may have removed your account without notice.

Spam sign ups are also a thing. Users are restricted to their profile only until they upload a profile photo. If an account was created but no photo was uploaded within a few days, I assume it may have been an automated spam sign up. If your account was mistakenly deleted, sorry about that. Try recreating an account and uploading a profile photo immediately.

Can I join using a character name?

You can sign up using any acceptable name you want. We have a @jessica, but if you want to be jessica-2 and use the same character image as your avatar, go for it.

However, as new episodes air and new characters are introduced (or old unnamed ones named), there may be users signing up with character names before they can be added to the site. If this is the case, sorry, but I’m removing your account. Save yourself the trouble and choose something else. This is a Ricktatorship.

Why was my post or comment removed?

If you’re posting links or URL’s that seem to be self-promoting, it’ll be removed. This isn’t the place for that. If you’re message is offensive, it may also be removed. You might be wondering who decides what is offensive and what is not, and that would be @taddy. I’m a great pal, until it’s time to not be a great pal.

Why is my avatar a black and white Taddy?

It’s called a Taddatar, and this is currently the default avatar for all new users.

Why can’t I navigate the site after activating my account?

In order to combat spam signups, TaddyBook requires all users to upload and save a new profile photo before you can participate. Until then, your account is stuck on the default profile page.

How To

How do I filter site activity?

If the site-wide activity page or the activity tab in your profile has too much info for you, simply use the drop down menu to select which portion of activity you’d rather see. For example, if you only wish to read what other site members are posting in their activity steams, select to show Updates instead of Everything.

How do I curtail the emails I receive from Taddybook?

By default an email is sent for a variety of activities happening on the site. You can opt out of some/all of them if you prefer. Once you’re logged in, click on your member icon in the upper right hand corner of any page. Beneath your profile and background images, click on Settings then select Email, and you’ll see options for turning email alerts on or off for activity, messages, friends, and groups.


What does it mean when I see ERROR: Your topic cannot be empty?

Try adding some text in the body of your forum post. You cannot add new topics that only contain a title and/or an image.